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Thank You World

IMG_9724 (1)Heller Keller said, “Quit looking so close at the closed door that you fail to see the door that is opening in front of you.”

As expected, the phone has quit ringing, the barrage of emails stopped arriving and the buzz is dying down. I found myself so sad and a bit lost yesterday. Walking around mumbling “Now what?” as I stumbled through the house, tripping over dirty clothes, a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink and a stack of unopened mail.

And then this morning, I remembered this photo. I was so caught up in the busyness and business of the week that I failed to embrace and rejoice in the true and real part of this story! The fact that James and I got to touch people all over the world.

James is in a typical classroom in an inclusive program. With the help of his incredibly talented and patient aid, Catherine, he is thriving in his environment. He has trouble with speech and we are working extremely hard on his writing skills.

Catherine has been following along all week with all the hype and I told her I wanted to do something to express our gratitude to the thousands of people all around the world who have reached out to us. She helped James write these words and she snapped this photo.

Until I can respond to the hundreds and hundreds of personal messages, please know that both James and I are so grateful for your kind words. To the brave mothers who have trusted us by sharing your own painful stories – all I can say is you are loved and support from afar!

And as great as this photo is, the bigger lesson for me this morning is that I failed to send it! I let myself get worried and bogged down with how to keep the momentum going that I totally missed the most beautiful part. The fact that James’ life has impacted people all around the world. The fact that out of a moment of our pain, so much good has appeared!!

Doors are closing. And that is a scary feeling. Because when that happens you feel that your are not in control, and reminded that you were never in control in the first place! But as Hellen Keller said, windows of understand and possibility are opening. I have no idea what this day holds, but my personal goal is to stay open to even THIS part of the journey. The low part. The valley. The part that seems darker than yesterday. Because there are lessons and beauty even in that season. Xo

P.S. I’m trying to figure out how to stay in touch with everyone… if you have a moment please visit my website and sign up for the actual email list. This will help me keep you informed of future wall-hitting life-changing moments!