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Big News

Lately, I have been feeling quite…. crunchy. You know, crabby mixed with self-loathing and a touch of anger. So when this arrived today, it was just the thing I needed to remind me to stop whining and get moving.
I told a friend the other day that I’ve been trying to figure out which I should be doing,

“waiting patiently on God or making shit happen”.

When I got this in the mail today, I was reminded that it is BOTH at the SAME TIME. This is what God and the universe asks us to do. To live our lives filled with hopeful breath and expectation and faith that God is working His magic and arranging all the chess pieces, and at the same time we must stay busy sending out emails, creating things, dreaming and planning for the future.
The serendipity and God’s timing that the creation of this foundation has come to fruition – almost one year to the date of my experience in the Apple store – is not lost on me! The fact that I will now get to financially help other special needs families with things that insurance will not cover (iPads, jogging strollers, counseling or even a much needed dinner out) is so exciting to me.
I’ll be posting more about this in the weeks and months to come, but I couldn’t wait one more minute to share the good news!

Thank you James for showing me how to help others!

#TheJamesRinkFoundation #grateful #wrapyourheartaroundit