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Mayfest Celebration

This weekend at the Bavarian Bierhaus in Nashville we will celebrate Mayfest!

Maifest (Mayfest) is one of mankind’s oldest traditions! It is the celebration of nature’s bright reawakening after winter’s cold darkness. The ancient pagan festival eventually took on Christian religious significance, much like Christmas. However, it is now a colorful, joyous part of history and culture in Europe! The custom of the maypole began in the tenth century, when villagers would erect a pole in the local square. They would decorate it with sausages, cakes and multicolored ribbons! The villagers would dance around the maypole, as medieval citizens believed that it would bring good luck and wealth!

What that means for YOU is… $10 liter beers, a keg tapping and free dessert on Sunday for Mom’s!! Make a reservation…it’s been packed!

This place is so much fun and I hope you will join us 6-9pm on Friday and Saturday night for some great polka music!



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Bierhaus Tonight!

I had so much fun playing in Nashville last night! Come join us tonight from 6-9pm for all the fun! This place is the real deal!



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Bierhaus Opening

Last night I went to the opening of the Bavarian Bierhaus at Opry Mills. I am always brutally honest on my blog – and I will continue to be so today. To say I was overwhelmed, overjoyed and over-the-moon is an understatement!
The FOOD was fantastic… the MUSIC was infectious (Alex Meixner you are the man!) and the staff and atmosphere were perfect.
I have waited 20 years for a place like this to open in Nashville… and now it’s here! I promise you… you will have more fun than you can imagine! Gather your friends and come on out!
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