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Easter. Business as Usual.

James on Easter 2014This was the best photo of James on Easter that we could get. He was not much into celebrating the resurrection like the world said he should. I kind of felt the same way.

And since Easter, everything has seemed a bit off. I know that I should be basking in the after-glow and sayings like “He Is Risen” and “The stone was rolled away” but frankly I feel more like saying “the stone ain’t freakin’ moving.” I’m longing for the glory and the lifting and the celebration, but instead this week I have felt pushed and pulled and confused. Most days I still can’t understand how God could possibly be in the midst of all the horrible heart-breaking events like the capsized ferry, Everest, The Ukraine and of course the fact that they still can’t find the damn plane. Even James has been out of sorts, which was evident by the energy he exuded by making his room look like a bomb exploded in it… several times throughout the weekend. Including Easter morning. “What is going on” I wondered? And then… I got a text from my friend Eve who informed me “It’s an astrological Armageddon out there!” And instantly everything made sense. The planets are freaking out, and the trickle down effect is obvious. Good thing I have chocolate Easter bunnies to snack on.

Okay, just for the record I consider myself a “big toe in the water” girl when it comes to the stars and moon. The depth of my astrological following is mostly reading “Goodnight Moon” to James on occasion. But I’m a firm believer that “knowledge is power”, and there’s a reason other people are into other things and I should at least listen to what those other things are and use them to understand my life — keep what I believe and throw out what I don’t. (As a side note, I heard a ‘Fire & Brimstone’ preacher once say, “Anyone who follows the stars is doomed to hell” and I wanted to ask him who he thought created the stars?“)
I digress.

My friend Tracy, who is my go-to girl when it comes to astrology explains it in her blog so beautifully that even I can understand it, ”If anything pops up out of nowhere and pushes on your emotions, knocks you off your feet, brings out a force in you or puts you on your tippy toes—well, you are paying attention. Good. Remember, these aspects may be harsh but they are putting you on track for an authentic life despite your fears.“

Authentic life. Seems like God can even use the planets He created to get our attention and bring us back to square one. Our hearts. To what is real and true and good. I love that all of this planet stuff is happening right after Easter. It challenges me to ask ”Is the Easter message only for Easter Sunday, but for the days and weeks and months that follow?“ The fact that a renewed spirit, a renewed life and a renewed faith is available, if when (and absolutely when) the planets are in chaos, is in fact the point.

It seems, as usual, that James was way ahead of me on this. He didn’t care that there was a ridiculous amount of food in the house. He didn’t care about the Easter baskets and toys. And he didn’t ”go forward during the alter call“. In fact we didn’t even make it to church this year. (I can hear the gasps from here). But he doesn’t seem to need an Easter Sunday outfit or even to be in church to be right in his heart. For him, it was business as usual. Wake up happy. Give hugs. Be present. Renewed in spirit. Authentic life. Done.

I’m however ready for the planets to get their shit back together and get in line. But I’m thankful for the opportunity today to let go of stuff I’ve been holding onto for no reason. And to clean up my past messes. To have been reminded that even when things don’t ‘feel’ right, God in all her wisdom still has a plan, and that thankfully it’s not up to me to fix things.

Tracy says at the end of this week it’s time to say the serenity prayer;

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change
Courage to change the
things I can,
and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Or my simplified version which is; Help – ok – Uncle – Help.

I’ve made it as far as ‘Help’ this morning. James has a dentist appointment this afternoon which has my stomach in knots and the tears poised and ready. I’m hoping by lunch Uranis will be back on track and I’ll be at uncle!
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P.s. I kept holding off on this post because I didn’t have the Hollywood ending. You know, the line that makes you say, ”Oh, I get it.“ But I didn’t want to miss the window of letting you know that if you’re feeling weird this week, you are not alone or crazy! And maybe real life and having an authentic self ain’t like the movies afterall?

Enjoy the moments today… be present in whatever pushes your buttons!