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Good morning (Dobro Utro) from Slovenia

IMG_8866I woke up in Slovenia this morning with the sun streaming through my bedroom window. The apartment I am in for this week is in a very old building in the center of the capital city of Ljubljana. My view of smoke stacks across the courtyard, with bricks on the chimney’s that are almost 1,000 years old is a welcomed sight.

Everything about this city feels old. But not falling apart old, stable old.  Like, “I’ve been here for a very long time and nothing can knock me down” that kind of od. I feel this way sometimes – like I’ve been through hell and back and I’m still standing.  And then other times I feel like a feather might blow me over.

I’m thankful that Slovenia (even though they have had their str
uggles for survival) that they are still standing and now I am standing within them. They are the little country that could. Claiming their independence in 1991 fro
m former communist Yugoslavia and standing up for them
selves in an 8-day war.  They won. which means I won… because being here is welcoming images-1and wonderful. (Before they gained their independence it was almost impossible to make a phone call out from this country! Now I’m online from my apartment…growth may happen slowly, but thank God it happens.)

This is how I hope James will feel about me.  That I am the “little mommy that could.”  That he has a mom that may be slightly beat up, weathered, but one that kept chugging along. And the old weathered me still has arms that welcome him in and that he can feel safe, secure and loved in that place. I pray for this. I hope for this. (You should have seen me on the day I left… the off day… when I was throwing things, yelling, frustrating because I couldn’t find my perfect pair of reading glasses, sitting on top of a suitcase to make it shut because I couldn’t possible go to Slovenia with five pair of shoes and 4 sweaters!)

If you are reading this, then chances are you have survived too.  You have dug your heels in during some very tough stuff and came out the other side. Or maybe you are sloshing around in two-feet of mud right this minute.  Take a moment, breath and realize that you are still standing.  Kudos to you because sometimes we just need the reminder that amidst the chipping exterior there is strength and a willingness to stand.  This is how we get through the feather days. The days when someone’s rude comment, or lost eye glasses or the death of a loved one has you feeling that you will never be strong again.

You will my friend, you will. You already are. And you are beautiful because of your struggle.

Now… off to find a Slovenian donut… known as a Krofi!!