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Old MacDonald

Like most everyone on Facebook, I have spent the last few days reading posts, post-election. I have never been more relieved that I call myself “the least political person on the planet”.

Change is hard. I’ve been saying that all year. And it might take months and months for all that has happened to me this year (and what is happening in our country) to play itself out and make sense. Yesterday, I told a friend who is struggling,

“keep in mind, this is a marathon not a sprint.”

And so we keep running, or walking, or limping if that’s all you can do, but you keep going. And you keep focused on the things you CAN control, like your attitude, your smile and how much sugar you eat.  We get out of bed and instead of being crabby and glued to the television, you go for a walk in the woods, or call an old friend who needs to know you care.

James of course could care less who is president, so he may actually beat me as the “least political person on the planet.”

All he really cares about is that he gets to watch Dora on his IPad, eat pancakes for dinner and take his sock monkey to a restaurant. And trust me, these are truly important things. So it’s my job to make sure I can give him that. I make sure the iPad is charged. I make sure Publix keeps his brand of pancakes stocked. An001-1-2d we visit California Pizza Kitchen at least once a week – so he can see all his friends that work there. I do what I can.

I spent the last few weeks producing the CMA Red Carpet Show for DirecTV. It was crazy and tiring and a blast…. like most TV gigs. I think someone should produce a behind the scenes documentary of what is going on when celebrities are walking down a red carpet, looking beautiful and gorgeous and calm, because there are at least twenty people in a TV truck right outside who look like they just survived a tornado, or the 2016 election. Kind of the same. Pure chaos at best.

But the election is over. And the TV gig is over.

I was putting James to bed one night when the moon lit up his tiny room and filled it with light, making it difficult for him to fall asleep. (No time to put curtains up yet!) We said our prayers. “Jesus, thank you for a fun day. God bless Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Racheal, Uncle Lenny, Auntie Kiki, an001-1-3d then whomever James happened to see that day… Auntie Sandy, Dee-dee, Chris etc.” BAY-MEN. (Amen). And then James said, “Sing?”. I asked, “You want mommy to sing? What do you want to sing?” “Farm” he said.  “Okay, let’s sing. Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had a….” And I wait and James says, “Pig.”  Of course there’s a pig on the farm. And a horse and a cow and a kick-in (chicken).

As we sang, I found some peace. Peace about the election and peace about crazy TV gigs. In James’ mind, no matter who is prold-macdonald-had-a-farm-song-preschool-activitylearning-english-through-songs-2-728esident, Old McDonald will still have a farm, and there will always be a pig on that farm.

My spirit was calmed by this simplicity, and reminded that God asks us to “have
child-like faith.”

To KNOW and TRUST that the way things are happening is the way they are supposed to be happening and that we are not in control – HE is!  And most importantly, that our job is to stay present in this day and keep our hands and minds and hearts busy doing what we can control. Bake someone cookies. Go for a walk. Meditate. Show love

Oh, and James would like you to know that thanking God for the people in your life is that last thing you should do at the end of the hardest of days. Try it.

Gratitude can kick angers ass any day or night!